Welcome to my website,
My name is Ronald Mengerink and I was born on the 22th august 1971 in the east of Holland.
Now I'm living in Haaksbergen, with my wife and two daughters. 
Until 2006 I didn't do anything with photographs, but l liked the technique and because of my daughtres I decided to buy a SLR. 
I made a lot photographs of my daughters, but found out that's not what I preferred.
In my younger years I always was busy with school, work and sports, so I didn't spend much time in nature.
After I bought the SLR I went to the fields near to Haaksbergen, walking around and photographing the beauty of the nature. 
Then I knew that's what I wanted to do in my freetime.

My first SLR was a Canon 350D with two base lenses, a good combination to find out what I wanted to photograph. 
After focussing on nature photography, I bought a 40D and 500m f4 for higher speed and more mm.
 I never regret that choice because I got more possibilities to get pictures that I've never got with my earlier equipment.
Today I work with a Mark III and only L-lenses because of there quality.
I hope you like my pictuers and I would appreciate when you'll left a message in my guestbook.
Best wishes,
Ronald Mengerink

Please note that none of the images can be used without the permission of the photographer.
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